Monday, February 24, 2014

Cute Lil' Nugget Named Ella!

It was such a great night at the Morrison House getting to snag some of Ella's first pics!  Ella is becoming a little more like family with each passing day!  Ella's mom (Erin Morrison) and I are slated to shoot about twenty weddings together in 2014!  

Not only did I feel privileged to take these pics, but also to be teamed up with such a talented photographer as Erin for the wedding season!  You can see some of her work at

As if that wasn't enough, I also had some great assistants for this shoot!  Joe and Kathleen Atkins of JOPHOTO were there that night to help out and let Mom and Dad relax for a bit!  Most all of the weddings that Erin and I are shooting together this year will be JOPHOTO weddings!  Erin signed on as the Associate Photographer for JOPHOTO last fall and I will be her second shooter on a majority of her weddings.  It has been great working with these guys and I hope to learn and grow with them!

Lastly, it has also been great to get to know little Ella's Daddy, James Morrison.  He is quite proud of this little nugget and I am pretty sure she is in good hands!  James has helped launch CrossFit Pistol Creek in Maryville, where Ella is already a lifetime member!

This is one special little girl that was born into a special family!  Looking forward to watching this one grow up......just not too fast!  

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  1. Yes, hopefully not too fast! :-)
    Thank you for the photos! We really had a great time!